Investing Success With These Eight Market Timing Tips

Profitable market timers rely on market timing information that has a history of success. In my opinion there are 8 concepts that have yielded consistent profits to those investors that followed them.

It is not desirable or profitable to trust the advice of those who don’t put their own money at risk. This would include all the various vendors that have something to sell you up to and including financial analysts.

Making money over the long term comes from practicing disciplined trading. You must let your profits run and cut your losses for consistent success One of the attributes that will contribute greatly to one’s market timing and investing success is discipline.

The most damaging thing an investor can do to his position or portfolio is take a very large loss. Accurate market timing helps in avoiding this very common experience.

You are just wasting your time chasing the reasons why markets move. Markets can be viewed as mob psychology in action where perceptions rule not necessarily reality. Ultimately price is the only reality..

Be sure and observe the “trend always changes” rule.

If you assumed that the stock market was rational you would be making a big mistake. Knowing why markets move is not necessary because profits are captured from being on the right side of a market that IS moving. Buying low and selling high is ultimately the key to successful investing. It’s unfortunate but most individual investors do the exact opposite.

Historical evidence shows that when trends do change the more extreme the prior movement has been one can expect movement in the new trend direction to be equally extreme. Simplistic but, what goes up must come down.

Longer term trends are really your friend because they produce the largest profits. Foundational to all profits is some degree or measure of trend. The trick is to know when to enter a new direction trend and maintain your position for an appropriate amount of time to gain the maximum profit.

You will make the most money by being in step with the direction of the market. Staying out of sync with the market is a sure fire way to lose your money. The market, in other words, is at all times right. The only reality is price.

Investing success can be achieved by making these principles the foundation of your market timing information.

How To Find Article Writing Topics That Are Geared Towards The Direct Sales Niche

Are you in Direct Sales? Are you thinking about writing articles for your article marketing campaign? If so, finding topics to write about within your own business niche can be a daunting task for new direct sales professionals, who are just getting into article marketing.

Today I would like to share with you how you can come up with new topics to write about each and every day for at least the next few months, if not years.

1. Talk to your fellow business associates and ask them about topics they want to learn about in regards to the niche that you represent. You can take their questions and turn them all into informative articles.

2. Talk to your newly added team members and ask them what they would love to learn about in regards to the business you represent. Often times the newly recruited members need basic information that you are already educated about. Use your education and experience in the field to draft up new articles that are geared towards beginners.

3. Talk to your customers and ask them what they would love to know about in regards to the products you sell and about the business opportunity that you represent. Use their questions to draft up new articles related to the niche you are trying to target.

4. Visit online blogs and web sites that are geared towards your niche. Spend some time reading the posts and articles on those sites to see what everyone is talking and writing about. Use these subjects to generate your own ideas for new material.

5. Visit online article directories and look for categories that are related towards your niche. Read through old and current articles that have already been published to see if any of those spark new ideas for you. One of my favorite things to do is to read old material and rewrite that material to include updated information and advances in technology.

6. Educate yourself in something new that is within your own niche. Often times when we learn something new (like new technology), we can use what we have just learned to our advantage by writing about it.

7. Join a few social media networking sites and make friends with others who are in your niche. Spend time networking and sharing information with them. Often times my article ideas have come from just chatting with other professionals on social media networking sites.

As you can see, these 7 tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding new topics to write about that pertain to your business niche. I like to keep a little notebook beside me or with me at all times so that when new article topic ideas pop into my head, I can quickly write them down.

Internet Marketing in a Tough Economy

Marketing online can be complicated. So many segments, audiences, and offers, finding the right Internet marketing mix is more difficult than ever before. With the help of some online tools, a good strategy, and careful management of your campaigns, you can significantly improve your marketing results even in a difficult economy.

If you are an established business, chance are you already have a website or blog. In fact, you may also have tons of visitors coming to your website each and every day. The key is to leverage your visitors and build long term relationships that can pay dividends.

I have developed a number of methods to best leverage the traffic I receive to my website. With smaller budgets for PPC and other forms of online advertising, getting visitors to convert is more important than ever. These techniques are simple to implement and can really improve conversions.

Provide an informational giveaway. When visitors enter your website, provide some valuable information in exchange for a name and email. This capture of information is essential for marketing your products to web site visitors. Once they offer their information communicate with them on a regular basis.

Set up an auto responder. After users sign up for free information, automate the communications you send to them. This can be done for as little as twenty dollars per month. Your messages should be designed to move your website browsers through the purchase decision process.

Create a reason to come back. Another great technique is to change up your free offers on a weekly basis. This is easily done if you offer a course covering a new topic each week. Let users know that by coming back to the site, they can access new information, transcripts from a recent conference call, or access to expert information.

Finally, consider adding a newsletter sign up to your website. Again, use an auto responder once someone has registered to communicate with them frequently. Archive your newsletter articles so that individuals can view past editions by logging in. This helps to build your opt-in list while provide valuable information that others will seek out.

Leveraging your website visitors into customers is still very important, even more so in today’s difficult economy. Get creative. Think of new ways to attract visitors and get them to convert. One of the most popular ways is with free information or content. Experiment with different offers to see what converts the best. Once you’ve determined what works, focus on moving your customers through the purchase process.

With an added focus on traffic and conversions, you can easily leverage the visitors you already receive to your website.