Is Direct Mail “Old School”?

Direct mail has been around for a long time and many people wonder whether or not it’s old school, or if it’s still useful. You might think it’s something old marketers use or that it’s no longer effective.

Direct mail, done properly, using good direct response marketing techniques and strategies, is a tried and true way for you to market. It works, plain and simple. You might think everybody’s on the internet and that the internet is the only way to reach people these days. That’s just not true! Not everybody’s on the internet.

Another important thing is to think about this from a deliverability perspective. Do you know if your emails are being delivered? And, do you know if they’re getting opened? We don’t know for sure if email’s are being opened. You can be pretty sure your mail is going through if it’s not returned to you.

One of the other problems with email is how easy it is to forget about it. How many times have you seen an email and said to yourself, I’ll come back to that later. As soon as it is out of your eyesight off the screen, when you go back to your email, chances are, you never look at it again. It just goes off into oblivion, it happens all the time.

If you have a piece of mail in your hand and you set that aside, on the counter, or wherever, at the very least when you go back to your mail pile you will have to pick that mail piece up at least one more time before throwing it away. At least you get a second chance with the mail.

So, is direct mail old school? If direct mail is old school and Fortune 500 companies like American Express, Hewlett Packard, and other big businesses, are still using direct mail effectively, don’t you think you should be too?

A great quote from a successful businessperson, coach and mentor Dan Kennedy says, “If you have a direct mail campaign that works, having that is the only way to have sustainability and stability in your business”. That’s a really big statement from a guy who does all kinds of marketing.

You should be using direct mail in your business in a variety of ways, and it’s important for you to know that mail doesn’t have to be expensive. As a matter of fact, sometimes, not using direct mail is the most expensive choice you can make in your business.

Internet Marketing in a Tough Economy

Marketing online can be complicated. So many segments, audiences, and offers, finding the right Internet marketing mix is more difficult than ever before. With the help of some online tools, a good strategy, and careful management of your campaigns, you can significantly improve your marketing results even in a difficult economy.

If you are an established business, chance are you already have a website or blog. In fact, you may also have tons of visitors coming to your website each and every day. The key is to leverage your visitors and build long term relationships that can pay dividends.

I have developed a number of methods to best leverage the traffic I receive to my website. With smaller budgets for PPC and other forms of online advertising, getting visitors to convert is more important than ever. These techniques are simple to implement and can really improve conversions.

Provide an informational giveaway. When visitors enter your website, provide some valuable information in exchange for a name and email. This capture of information is essential for marketing your products to web site visitors. Once they offer their information communicate with them on a regular basis.

Set up an auto responder. After users sign up for free information, automate the communications you send to them. This can be done for as little as twenty dollars per month. Your messages should be designed to move your website browsers through the purchase decision process.

Create a reason to come back. Another great technique is to change up your free offers on a weekly basis. This is easily done if you offer a course covering a new topic each week. Let users know that by coming back to the site, they can access new information, transcripts from a recent conference call, or access to expert information.

Finally, consider adding a newsletter sign up to your website. Again, use an auto responder once someone has registered to communicate with them frequently. Archive your newsletter articles so that individuals can view past editions by logging in. This helps to build your opt-in list while provide valuable information that others will seek out.

Leveraging your website visitors into customers is still very important, even more so in today’s difficult economy. Get creative. Think of new ways to attract visitors and get them to convert. One of the most popular ways is with free information or content. Experiment with different offers to see what converts the best. Once you’ve determined what works, focus on moving your customers through the purchase process.

With an added focus on traffic and conversions, you can easily leverage the visitors you already receive to your website.

Ways To Promote Yourself And Make Money With Direct Mail

You may not know it, but direct mail is a way to provide you with a group of customers in a short period of time. Direct mail has been around forever, still a lot of business owners are struggling to make it work for them. If this describes you, then I know how you feel.If I could rewind the time with the direct mail knowledge that I have now, I would have been rich beyond my wildest dreams. And I’m willing to bet that if you could go back in time also, you would do something different also. Well even though we can’t go back in time, we can still utilize these strategies today so that you can become profitable also.The bottom line is that as long as there’s a post office, direct mail will exist. When talking to the employees at the post office, make sure you form good relationships with them. These people will work to ensure that your mailing pieces get through and mailed off quickly.Now even though all of these things are true, there are still some areas of direct mail that you will want to focus on – and this is where you will want to start. In fact, let’s take a look at a few tips that you can use to make your direct mail campaign a success. Here’s the first tip:1) EndorsementsThis is an under-utilized technique that a lot of business owners fail to use in their business. Some of the best people to get an endorsement from is your own customers. Send out a letter to your customers asking them if they would like to be featured in an endorsement ad.Once you find someone who is willing to do it for you, write out a script or sales letter for them to read, and add a lot of realism in the ad. This way people can believe your customer. Mail this out to a group of targeted prospects, and measure the response. If it’s good, keep running it – but if it’s bad, scrap it and try again.Here’s another tip for making direct mail work for you:2) Contact existing customersThis is the most lucrative profit source out there. These people know you, like you, and want to continue to do business with you. So contact them every month with an offer so that they don’t forget who you are.This is where 80% of your total revenues will come from. So start nurturing that new customer the very first day they enter into your backend process. This is very important.Selling to your backend customers is a way to make money for free. Some will buy, and some won’t, but you shouldn’t worry about that. The money that you do make will be for free, and you still get to market to these people over and over and over again.Hopefully you’ll be able to use these techniques to have the most success in your business than you can possibly have.Good luck with using these tips to have the kind of success that you desire in business.