Don’t Try Direct Mail Before Learning About Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail is a ground breaking new direct mail system created by the US postal service that allows businesses to mail postcards or other mail pieces at an astounding 14.2 cents per postcards. We think that the postage savings alone is enough to jump for joy and commit marketing resources to using the program – however, we thought it would be prudent to look at the alternatives to Every Door Direct Mail and compare them as viable solutions. As you can tell from the tone of our article, we soundly believe that EDDM is hands down a direct mail marketing winner! Let’s get started shall we?Every Door Direct Mail involves mailing postcards to everyone in your businesses neighborhood for 14.2 cents. This is 66% off the cost of a standard stamp. So, for discussions sake, assume that you would be mailing 5000 postcards to your neighborhood for your business. 5000 postcards, not including the printing costs would be around $750 in postage. One of the alternatives to Every Door Direct Mail would be a Door hanger.Many customers use door hangers as a “heel to toe” approach to marketing. Once you print your door hangers with a professional company you would walk down the streets of your neighborhood placing your door hangers on your prospects doors. This is a good solution because you don’t have any costs except for printing, and your sweat equity, and time. If you have the time to invest into this type of program, it would be inexpensive and garner some results. However, if you are out delivering door hangers, you are not working on your business. How can you service your customers if you are out delivering door hangers? If you were to use EDDM instead, the post office will deliver your mail marketing message for you saving you all the time that you would have invested in delivering those door hangers. Some businesses will claim that they will pay someone $7 an hour to walk around and deliver door hangers so the business owner can concentrate on more important tasks, like taking care of their customers. This is a solution that some businesses think is viable. However, when you look closely you realize that even the fastest person could only walk around 40 houses in an hour. So if you divide $7 per hour by 40 houses, it would cost you 17.5 cents per door hanger that was delivered. That is over 3 cents more per delivery than a Every Door Direct Mail piece. Also you could not guarantee that your employee actually delivered the door hangers instead of throwing them in the garbage and milking the clock and wasting your money.If you were do the door hanger yourself (saving your $7 per hour) it would take you 125 hours to deliver the same amount of pieces that your Every Door Direct Mail carrier would deliver in 1 day.There simply isn’t a better way to get your marketing message delivered in tangible form to your local customers. Personally, I feel bad for the Door Hanger deliver services, because this program will put them out of business.

Where Is the Best Internet Marketing Information?

Information on Internet marketing is everywhere, but not all of it is something that you can trust. If you attempt to learn all about online marketing on your own, you will very quickly see how often one source of data contradicts another. Making sense out of this information can take months if not years if you go it alone, and even then you may not learn everything that you need to know to make your home business an Internet marketing success.

Starting an Internet Business Without Training

When you involve yourself with an online business idea but receive no training, it can be tough to know who to trust. In many cases, online marketing gurus are marketing their own business rather than training you to market your own. Without the right training, you may choose to listen to the wrong advice and make a number of mistakes in your marketing efforts.

In some cases, people choose to heed the wrong advice and then grow frustrated and upset when it doesn’t work well for them. They may give up on ever owning an Internet business that is well suited to their talents. They may even decide that entrepreneurial opportunities aren’t for them at all. This is wasted time and effort that should instead be spent on receiving the best Internet marketing information available and making their new business a success.

Top Home Business Help From the Best Source

Once you decide that you need to get the best help possible when starting an Internet business, think about where the top home business advice and training will likely come from. It won’t come from people who get nothing out of letting you know about all of those little marketing secrets that will help lead you to the best success. Instead, it will come from a top Internet business that has already had enormous success in promoting products online.

A Christian owned business is just as interesting in promoting its success by teaching other people how to create the best home based business possible. A direct sales business gains all of its success through the chain of individuals who start their own home businesses and promote the company’s products. Without a well-trained group of marketing entrepreneurs, no direct sales business can succeed. This provides the best incentive for creating and delivering well prepared training materials.

The Best Home Based Businesses Result from the Best Online Training

When a new entrepreneur has received the best training, they will find it simple to locate the right buyers for whatever product they represent. This makes the process of marketing easier and increases the number of successful sales completed. With a more effective system, the number of houses that you work will decrease and the checks that you earn will be higher.

Instead of risking your new home-based venture with Internet marketing concepts that may or may not be correct, choose a better way of getting the information you need. Choose a direct sales company that will provide you with everything you need to know to get your venture started and to build it into a success.

How to Sponsor Quality Recruits to Your Network Marketing Business

The concept of network marketing is simple: selling and sponsoring. There’s a saying, in order to achieve your dreams, you have to help enough people achieve theirs. Network marketing is a relationship business. In fact, every business is about people and relationship first.

The quality of the relationship matters when it comes to making a sale or sponsoring a new recruit into your business. Knowing this, you would think networkers are better at forming relationships. Instead, too many of them constantly “pitch” the products or opportunity online and offline rather than learning how to “source” and find quality recruits to sponsor.

Did you know that 70% of customers departed because they didn’t like the human side of doing business with the prior provider of the product or service? So yeah, relationship matters a great deal especially in a business like network marketing that depends on sponsoring to grow your business.

Here are some tips on finding quality prospects by sourcing rather than pitching:

These days, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, are filled with business opportunity pitches and product promotions. I get that you’re in sales and recruiting but pitching only cheapens the industry and annoys your followers and friends.

Instead, use social media to be social and connect with others, just like you would in person. Social media works best if you participate, retweet and syndicate other people’s comments or articles, and use the opportunity to add to someone else’s business. Offer something of value to your network of contacts.

Before a sale takes place or a recruit signing up with your business, you have to establish the like-ability and trust factor.

Now let’s consider sourcing. Experienced entrepreneurs source for potential prospects by being likable and trust worthy. The best way to become likable is to help others. If someone asks a question on Twitter about blogging or internet marketing- offer some pointers. It’s a powerful way to connect and build rapport in a cold market.

The reason why network marketers aren’t good at sourcing is because it requires patience. Sourcing is not a one-way communication. When you’re pitching- you are doing the promotion. When you’re sourcing, you’re actually taking the time to get to know your potential prospects and that takes time.

Relationship building takes time. The longevity and success of your network marketing business also takes time. If you want to make a quick sale or recruit one or two folks then pitching might work for you. But if you’re serious about building a sustainable, long-term successful and respectable business, learn to source and sponsor the right prospects to your business.

Remember, it’s not the business opportunity or xyz ingredients in your product line, but YOU and how you treat people that matters before they even consider joining your business or buy from you.