Internet Marketing in a Tough Economy

Marketing online can be complicated. So many segments, audiences, and offers, finding the right Internet marketing mix is more difficult than ever before. With the help of some online tools, a good strategy, and careful management of your campaigns, you can significantly improve your marketing results even in a difficult economy.

If you are an established business, chance are you already have a website or blog. In fact, you may also have tons of visitors coming to your website each and every day. The key is to leverage your visitors and build long term relationships that can pay dividends.

I have developed a number of methods to best leverage the traffic I receive to my website. With smaller budgets for PPC and other forms of online advertising, getting visitors to convert is more important than ever. These techniques are simple to implement and can really improve conversions.

Provide an informational giveaway. When visitors enter your website, provide some valuable information in exchange for a name and email. This capture of information is essential for marketing your products to web site visitors. Once they offer their information communicate with them on a regular basis.

Set up an auto responder. After users sign up for free information, automate the communications you send to them. This can be done for as little as twenty dollars per month. Your messages should be designed to move your website browsers through the purchase decision process.

Create a reason to come back. Another great technique is to change up your free offers on a weekly basis. This is easily done if you offer a course covering a new topic each week. Let users know that by coming back to the site, they can access new information, transcripts from a recent conference call, or access to expert information.

Finally, consider adding a newsletter sign up to your website. Again, use an auto responder once someone has registered to communicate with them frequently. Archive your newsletter articles so that individuals can view past editions by logging in. This helps to build your opt-in list while provide valuable information that others will seek out.

Leveraging your website visitors into customers is still very important, even more so in today’s difficult economy. Get creative. Think of new ways to attract visitors and get them to convert. One of the most popular ways is with free information or content. Experiment with different offers to see what converts the best. Once you’ve determined what works, focus on moving your customers through the purchase process.

With an added focus on traffic and conversions, you can easily leverage the visitors you already receive to your website.

Email Marketing for Small Business: Tips to Maximize Results

Email marketing is a great tool for any business- but especially for small businesses. Email marketing allows you to reach an essentially unlimited number of customers, clients and prospects- and it allows you to do so at a fraction of the cost of direct mail campaigns. But like anything else, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to make mistakes. Below are six tips to help you get started:

1. Don’t do it alone. Many business owners try to run their own campaigns directly from their email outbox. It’s tempting to save money wherever you can, but if you’re serious about email marketing, use a service like iContact or Constant Contact. Basic plans are very affordable, and you will save yourself an incredible amount of time and frustration. In addition, you will be able to use an attractive layout, branded with your company logo and colors.

2. Make sure you have permission. Don’t be a spammer! Make sure that you do not send emails to anybody that did not choose to receive them. Sending unsolicited marketing emails will make your company look bad and could get you blacklisted by many email providers. Your mailing list should be “opt-in”, meaning recipients choose to join it, rather than choosing NOT to join. Also, be sure that each email has an “opt-out” link where recipients can choose to stop receiving your emails if they wish.

3. Keep them short, catchy and professional. Don’t get carried away- nobody wants to read an essay! Instead, make sure you have a catchy subject line and a couple of strong sentences that communicate your message clearly and concisely. If the purpose of the email is to persuade recipients to buy a product, visit a store, or subscribe to a service, be sure to end with a strong call to action.

4. Don’t end up in the spam folder. Unfortunately, thanks to the barrage of spam we all receive, spam filters have become more and more aggressive. It’s not uncommon for legitimate emails to be filtered into a junk or spam folder. If you’re using an email marketing service, you should have the option to “spam check” each message. Take advantage of this and make sure you follow their recommendations.

5. Don’t overuse video and sound. Videos and sound effects can be used very effectively in a marketing campaign, but they can also be overused. Many people are quickly scanning their emails and don’t have the time to watch a video. And if they have music playing, nothing is more annoying than unexpected blast of sound from an email! Use video and sound sparingly, and make sure that they DON’T autoplay.

6. Have a plan. If your email marketing strategy consists of waking up one morning and deciding to send out an email, it’s not going to succeed. A good email marketing plan is like telling a story- and you can only do this if you plan it out ahead of time. Don’t try to sell something every time you send an email… mix in holiday greetings, updates and other non-sales material. Each time a client or prospect opens your email, you have a golden opportunity to strengthen your relationship. Make sure you take full advantage!

Email marketing is a great tool for a small business… but only if it is done right. The tips above are far from an exhaustive list, but they will get you started in the right direction!

Use Direct Mail Lists for Effective Marketing

Email marketing is the order of the day. You can use it in different creative and unique ways to increase your customer base and sales. It can also be used for creating awareness about your brand and products. In order to enhance your email marketing you have to use several direct mail lists which are targeted towards your audience. While choosing the lists you have to be careful of a few things.

If you are buying a list then you have to define the area where you want to target. Such targeted direct mail lists have always proved to be very successful in terms of generating more responses. You can define the geography by country, state, city, zip codes, radius etc. You can also choose lists according to the type of customers you want. It can be based on age, sex and type of business also. Once you get the lists you will be able to reach them with your products and services.

Ensure that you are not stuffing their in-boxes often. This could lead to blocking your mails permanently. So ensure that the messages you send are interesting and has something for the readers. Unless you create interest nobody will be really bothered to read such emails especially, those which are for business promotions. There are different types of direct mail lists which can be purchased online.

Some of them include lists of consumers, business, new movers, mortgage, new homeowners, specialty lists etc. You can use the lists according to your business needs and the type of people you want to reach and reach them directly. Instead of spending huge amounts on advertisements you can choose appropriate lists and reach them easily and effectively.

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