What Are the Top Earners in Network Markting-Direct Sales Doing That You Aren’t?

Last Friday night my girlfriend and I experienced a real treat when we attended a performance by Alasdair Frazer and Natalie Haas.  Alasdair Frazer is an absolutely amazing fiddle player while Natalie can tear up a cello. (Yes, I said cello.)  If you remember the haunting fiddle tunes from the movies “Last of the Mohican’s” and “Titanic” then you’ve heard Alasdair play.  These two team up to perform both traditional and new Scottish fiddle and dance music.   The two of them together took us from energizing jigs and reels to relaxing melodic tunes from old Scotland and back again.  It was a wonderful experience.Why am I writing about a concert of Scottish fiddle music?  Don’t worry, I’ll get to it.Afterwards, we were relaxing with a glass of wine while listening to the cd we bought at the concert.  We were talking about how amazing the performance was and what world class musicians the two of them were.  My girlfriend mentioned how much they must enjoy the music they make and how their passion for the music enabled them to become such virtuosos on their respective instruments.At great personal risk (Just joking, sweetie!), I reminded her that becoming that good involved much more than just being passionate.  There must have been many days in their early development when the practice was anything but enjoyable or fun.  Rather it must have often been dull, monotonous, and boring.  Sheer drudgery!  I opined that it was not just their passion and enjoyment of the music,  but their vision of becoming virtuoso performers on their respective instruments that kept them going when part of them must have wanted so badly to quit.(Now, here comes the business application…)The top earners in the network marketing/direct sales field are like virtuoso performers.  Do they have a passion for what they do?  Of course!  But did they enjoy everything they had to do to get to where they are?  Absolutely not!  No matter how passionate one is nor how much pleasure your particular endeavor gives you, the fact is that there are going to many instances of activities necessary to ones success that are not going to be fun.However, the top earners have a vision of where they are going to be.  Notice I said “are going to be” and not “want to be”.  There’s a huge difference.  One assumes success.  The other is merely a wish.  And wishes don’t always come true.  But a vision, also known as a goal, have a much greater likely-hood of becoming reality simply because they are more likely than a wish to motivate someone to continue through the hard part in order to get to the good part. (This is also known as deferred gratification.  Something we rarely see in our fast-food culture anymore.)Top earners, the truly big dogs in the industry, have a vision of where they are going to be long before they get there.  It’s this unwavering knowledge of where they are going to end up that enables them to bore through the hard work that is an inevitable part of success, no matter what industry you’re in.   They are willing to put in that hard work and accept the concept of delayed gratification because they have no doubt that it’s going to pay off, and pay off big, in the end.How often, after going to a concert like I just did, have you heard someone say, “I wish I could play like that.”?  Most of us wish we could play like the great performers.  But very few of us are willing to put in the day upon day, week upon week, year upon year of seemingly endless hours of practice required to reach that level.In the same way, many newcomers to network marketing and/or direct sales will say, “I wish I was making the money they are” or “I wish my business was growing like theirs is”.  But the reality is most are unwilling to put in the time and do the work necessary to achieve that level of success.  A woman whom I greatly admire named Artemis Limpert is one of the elite leaders in her chosen network marketing company.  She once said, “People want what I have but they don’t want to do what I did.”  And therein lies the sad story of failure for so many network marketers.  They want the success but they are unwilling to do the work to get it.Why?  Most have no clear vision of where they are going.  They have a lot of wants and wishes.  But they never really set down and make a firm decision (key word there, decision) about where they are going to be. No matter how hard it may be.  The decision’s made.Or they make what they feel like is a firm decision but they give up when it gets hard.  Remember that advertising slogan, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”?  Well, apply that to your business endeavor.Many people never consider what it truly takes to be successful.  There’s a passage in the bible that talks about counting the cost before you start building the barn.  Many people never count the cost of building a successful business.  Once again, in our fast-food culture, they want the get-rich-quick avenue.  They want the reward without the hard work.  And they want it now.  While it’s true that wealth, and occasionally success, sometime come quickly and easily, the reality is that it usually takes time and hard work to reach the level of achievement of the top earners.So, if you want to play like a concert pianist, be willing to put in the practice and work that’s required.  Even the most talented have to pay their dues in the practice room.And, if you want to make a lot of money and have the same level of freedom that the top earners in the network marketing and direct sales industry have, make a decision and not just a wish.  Be willing to put in the time and effort that is required, regardless of whether it’s always fun or not.  If you’ll do those two things, then you’ll see your dreams come true.

Is Direct Mail “Old School”?

Direct mail has been around for a long time and many people wonder whether or not it’s old school, or if it’s still useful. You might think it’s something old marketers use or that it’s no longer effective.

Direct mail, done properly, using good direct response marketing techniques and strategies, is a tried and true way for you to market. It works, plain and simple. You might think everybody’s on the internet and that the internet is the only way to reach people these days. That’s just not true! Not everybody’s on the internet.

Another important thing is to think about this from a deliverability perspective. Do you know if your emails are being delivered? And, do you know if they’re getting opened? We don’t know for sure if email’s are being opened. You can be pretty sure your mail is going through if it’s not returned to you.

One of the other problems with email is how easy it is to forget about it. How many times have you seen an email and said to yourself, I’ll come back to that later. As soon as it is out of your eyesight off the screen, when you go back to your email, chances are, you never look at it again. It just goes off into oblivion, it happens all the time.

If you have a piece of mail in your hand and you set that aside, on the counter, or wherever, at the very least when you go back to your mail pile you will have to pick that mail piece up at least one more time before throwing it away. At least you get a second chance with the mail.

So, is direct mail old school? If direct mail is old school and Fortune 500 companies like American Express, Hewlett Packard, and other big businesses, are still using direct mail effectively, don’t you think you should be too?

A great quote from a successful businessperson, coach and mentor Dan Kennedy says, “If you have a direct mail campaign that works, having that is the only way to have sustainability and stability in your business”. That’s a really big statement from a guy who does all kinds of marketing.

You should be using direct mail in your business in a variety of ways, and it’s important for you to know that mail doesn’t have to be expensive. As a matter of fact, sometimes, not using direct mail is the most expensive choice you can make in your business.

Affiliate Internet Business Marketing Promotion Online – The Best Ways to Promote

Affiliate internet business marketing promotion online is very important for anyone who is thinking about starting up an affiliate business. Starting any type of online business can provide you good results and good profits if you have an effective marketing strategy. If you want to make money online, then it would be necessary to devote some time and be willing to work hard. If a business plan has not been well thought out, it can turn out to be a big failure. Affiliate marketing can be a little confusing for those who are still new to it and it may sound technical. However, it is easy to follow once you research well and learn a little about it.

Starting a business and Making Initial Sales When starting affiliate internet business marketing promotion online, it is quite important to have landing pages designed well. One of the most serious mistakes that any new affiliate can make is not having effective landing pages. In order to avoid this, ensure that you correctly copy and paste your URL from the website that is provided. Once you receive the URL from the provided start, you can use forwarding and masking and help the potential customers identify your URL. You can purchase a.com from any domain registration company and whenever any of the customers clicks on your page, they will be directed instantly to the affiliate landing page. You can have your sales pitch there and encourage your customers to purchase the product.

Marketing Online There are several ways to go about affiliate internet business marketing promotion online. You can start by using some common advertising methods like article marketing, social media marketing and forum marketing since these are known to be very effective. Forum marketing is very effective for affiliate businesses. This marketing method can provide a personal touch to your marketing. You can simply respond to the questions that are asked about your products in a forum. If you are promoting a system that can make money, then you should only go to forums that are related to that niche. Once you post your signature, you can encourage the readers to visit your site by providing them your.com landing page link.

Social media marketing is also known to be one of the best marketing methods. Social sites should be used for building relationships and should not be used to directly market your products. Rather than directly selling the products on these sites, you can build a network and build relationships with your customers. Article marketing can also be used for marketing affiliate businesses. You can create articles that can provide helpful information to the readers and post them on article directories. This will continue to send people to your landing page. How to guides and articles are known to be the most effective ones today. Affiliate internet business marketing promotion online can be done in a lot of different ways.