How to Sponsor Quality Recruits to Your Network Marketing Business

The concept of network marketing is simple: selling and sponsoring. There’s a saying, in order to achieve your dreams, you have to help enough people achieve theirs. Network marketing is a relationship business. In fact, every business is about people and relationship first.

The quality of the relationship matters when it comes to making a sale or sponsoring a new recruit into your business. Knowing this, you would think networkers are better at forming relationships. Instead, too many of them constantly “pitch” the products or opportunity online and offline rather than learning how to “source” and find quality recruits to sponsor.

Did you know that 70% of customers departed because they didn’t like the human side of doing business with the prior provider of the product or service? So yeah, relationship matters a great deal especially in a business like network marketing that depends on sponsoring to grow your business.

Here are some tips on finding quality prospects by sourcing rather than pitching:

These days, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, are filled with business opportunity pitches and product promotions. I get that you’re in sales and recruiting but pitching only cheapens the industry and annoys your followers and friends.

Instead, use social media to be social and connect with others, just like you would in person. Social media works best if you participate, retweet and syndicate other people’s comments or articles, and use the opportunity to add to someone else’s business. Offer something of value to your network of contacts.

Before a sale takes place or a recruit signing up with your business, you have to establish the like-ability and trust factor.

Now let’s consider sourcing. Experienced entrepreneurs source for potential prospects by being likable and trust worthy. The best way to become likable is to help others. If someone asks a question on Twitter about blogging or internet marketing- offer some pointers. It’s a powerful way to connect and build rapport in a cold market.

The reason why network marketers aren’t good at sourcing is because it requires patience. Sourcing is not a one-way communication. When you’re pitching- you are doing the promotion. When you’re sourcing, you’re actually taking the time to get to know your potential prospects and that takes time.

Relationship building takes time. The longevity and success of your network marketing business also takes time. If you want to make a quick sale or recruit one or two folks then pitching might work for you. But if you’re serious about building a sustainable, long-term successful and respectable business, learn to source and sponsor the right prospects to your business.

Remember, it’s not the business opportunity or xyz ingredients in your product line, but YOU and how you treat people that matters before they even consider joining your business or buy from you.

A Unique Way to Use Facebook to Increase Your Direct Sales Business

Facebook launched its website in February of 2004 and by January of 2008 it already had 150 million users, and by September of the same year its number of users was already up to 300 million. I recently read that it would be the sixth most populated country if it were one. With numbers like that it seems a rather risky and irresponsible business move to just flat out ignore the craze of Facebook.

While I certainly see the power in social networking and am committed to learning more about using it to benefit my customers and expand my business, I am not about to put all my eggs in one basket. No matter how many users Facebook gets, some things will never change. Two months ago when our daughter Tess discovered that she was going to graduate a semester early with a double major, she did not send me a message on Facebook; she called me as soon as she found out, and she was so excited that she sounded out of breath. As the Thanksgiving holiday drew near our daughter Audrey did not call to ask if I would post all the family photos from Thanksgiving on Facebook so she could feel a part of it in Tennessee; she asked for a plane ticket home.

No matter how appealing and no matter how fancy the gadgets for communication in this technological world become, humans will always value time together more than time apart. And when they cannot be together, the next best thing is hearing each other’s voice.

Ten years ago seven out of every 100 pieces of mail were personal. Three years ago one out of every 350 pieces of mail were personal. What would you value more, a post on someone’s wall telling you what is happening with him/her today or a handwritten letter from that individual sent to you via the post office? What would make you feel more loved and appreciated, a friend posting on your wall, “Hope you are feeling better today,” or a phone call from that friend asking you if you are feeling better and whether or not there is anything he/she can do for you?

Definitely Facebook is too big to ignore and there are certainly benefits from using it. I believe it can expand your business, and I believe it is worth investing time and money to learn how to use it most effectively. However, as more and more people become users on Facebook, more and more salespeople will opt to use Facebook as their marketing tool, and far too many of them will put all their eggs into that basket, which provides a unique opportunity for you.

The more that salespeople as well as family and friends turn to Facebook as a means of communication, the more likely it is that personal pieces of mail will dwindle to even fewer than one out of every 350 pieces of mail! As more and more salespeople turn to Facebook to post their offers and sales events, fewer will reach for the telephone and seek to have real authentic conversations with their customers. If, however, you continue to recognize the incredible value of personal mail and personal phone calls, as well as postings on Facebook, you will undoubtedly develop a better understanding of your customers and a deeper relationship with them.

Our youngest daughter Zoe told me last night, “The thing is Mom, everyone knows how long it takes to post something on Facebook – a few seconds. So everyone knows that you do it to save time and energy. It takes more time and energy to call someone, which is why everyone values that more.”

One thing I want to be sure you understand is that I encourage you to embrace Facebook. Alongside of that, however, I want to highly encourage you to keep sending out direct mail and picking up the phone to connect with your prospects and your customers. As you embrace more than one venue to communicate, each time another salesperson becomes fascinated and fixated with Facebook, it increases your opportunity to continue to communicate in the way humans most value – in person and on the phone.

Investing Success With These Eight Market Timing Tips

Profitable market timers rely on market timing information that has a history of success. In my opinion there are 8 concepts that have yielded consistent profits to those investors that followed them.

It is not desirable or profitable to trust the advice of those who don’t put their own money at risk. This would include all the various vendors that have something to sell you up to and including financial analysts.

Making money over the long term comes from practicing disciplined trading. You must let your profits run and cut your losses for consistent success One of the attributes that will contribute greatly to one’s market timing and investing success is discipline.

The most damaging thing an investor can do to his position or portfolio is take a very large loss. Accurate market timing helps in avoiding this very common experience.

You are just wasting your time chasing the reasons why markets move. Markets can be viewed as mob psychology in action where perceptions rule not necessarily reality. Ultimately price is the only reality..

Be sure and observe the “trend always changes” rule.

If you assumed that the stock market was rational you would be making a big mistake. Knowing why markets move is not necessary because profits are captured from being on the right side of a market that IS moving. Buying low and selling high is ultimately the key to successful investing. It’s unfortunate but most individual investors do the exact opposite.

Historical evidence shows that when trends do change the more extreme the prior movement has been one can expect movement in the new trend direction to be equally extreme. Simplistic but, what goes up must come down.

Longer term trends are really your friend because they produce the largest profits. Foundational to all profits is some degree or measure of trend. The trick is to know when to enter a new direction trend and maintain your position for an appropriate amount of time to gain the maximum profit.

You will make the most money by being in step with the direction of the market. Staying out of sync with the market is a sure fire way to lose your money. The market, in other words, is at all times right. The only reality is price.

Investing success can be achieved by making these principles the foundation of your market timing information.